Author: Tom Peele

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We warmly welcome you to the CCNY online OER workshop!

Workshop format

This two-week asynchronous workshop is conducted in an online course and forum discussion group format. Since this is not a live webinar, you don’t have to tune in during certain time for each topic. You can study the course modules at your own pace. We do, however, ask that you join our two synchronous Zoom sessions (one per week).

Course content

The URL of the online course is Please keep it handy or bookmark it on your web browser.

The course has 9 modules. It should take approximately 6-8 hours to complete all the modules.

We encourage you to complete the training materials module by module.

Assignments, Discussion

At the end of certain modules, you will see related assignments and topic of discussions that you need to complete.


Even though you will not be graded for the course, you are expected to complete all the materials in each module and complete the assignments (mostly discussions) within 2 weeks.

Questions regarding course topics

We encourage you to post your questions in the forum discussion at the end of each module, so that others who have similar questions can benefit from it. Our goal is to get meaningful conversation started in the discussion group and have your questions answered by the facilitators.

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To get started, please take a moment to

  1. Create a CUNY Academic Commons account, if you don’t already have one. 
  2. Review Start Here.